A customer from Suriname has bought a beautiful Italian design kitchen.However, she already had the built-in equipment, so we adapted the Snaidero kitchen for her so that this equipment could be installed. The customer didn’t have a ceiling extractor, so this is the only device we have supplied to this customer.

This kitchen has a nice stainless steel work top. It is made out of one piece.

The coating of this kitchen is white high gloss lacquer.

The high cabinets of this kitchen are arranged completely symmetrically. It looks great!

The hob is 120 cm wide and has two large storage drawers with an automatic opening.

LED lighting has also been installed under the kitchen skirting of the high cabinets.

Details of this project:

Brand: Snaidero.
Color: Bianco Artico (uiterst wit) high-gloss lacquer
Handle: Handle free
Kitchen counter: Inox
Working height:  91 cm from the floor
Washbasin: Inox
Hob: Boretti (not supplied by us)
Combi Steam Ovens: Siemens (not supplied by us)
Fridge: Kitchen-aid American fridge (not supplied by us)
Stove: Siemens (not supplied by us)
Dish washer: Bosch (not supplied by us)
Extractor hood: RJ
Faucet: Solitaire + Quooker.
Waste bucket: Two waste buckets

Below you find photos that we made before and during the assembly:

We made this rendering of the kitchen.

The new kitchen is ready to be picked up. Everything is labeled so that nothing can get lost.

The kitchen is transported by boat to Suriname. We expect the kitchen to arrive in Paramaribo in about two weeks. This shipment only consists of the cabinets and the extraction hood. The customer already has the rest of the devices. The stainless steel worktop is already on board the ship.

The new Snaidero kitchen has now been delivered to the customer in Paramaribo!

The customer has unpacked the kitchen. That is a time saver for our kitchen mechanic.

Steef (the mechanic) has now landed in Paramaribo. He will get to work as soon as possible.

Steef has started the assembly of the new kitchen.

The piping is prepared in advance. That saves even more time.

The new kitchen is being built by Steef.

You can see that the cabinets have different heights. This is necessary, because one top is thicker.

It is quite warm in Suriname. Thanks for the drink!

Interior drawers are mounted behind the revolving doors of the high cabinets.

Steef is almost finished. The devices are already built into the high cabinets wall of the kitchen.

Steef makes socket outlets for general use on the side wall of the island.

Also on the island, inner drawers are mounted behind the revolving doors.

Meanwhile, all interior drawers have been installed.

The hobs are now also mounted. We do not sell Boretti, but the customer already owned these devices.

The kitchen island is really big with 364x120cm!

The faucets are also connected and tested.

The ceiling extractor hood is also installed in the kitchen. Steef only has to remove the stickers.

The new Snaidero kitchen is cleaned.

Although the worktop of the new kitchen is very large, it is made out of one piece.

The LED-lightning looks great!

The kitchen of this customer is more or less derived from the S12 showroom kitchen setup. Watch the video below: