A customer in Lichtenvoorde ordered a rather large Snaidero kitchen from us, finished in the colour scheme Grigio Cemento.

Grigio Cemento is what is known as a micaceous paint, i.e. a matt finish with a kind of metallic effect that makes it appear slightly glossy. The colour of this kitchen also changes depending on the incidence of light. It therefore appears totally different in daylight and artificial light. Highly appealing. The pictures at the top of the Ola 20 page show a Grigio Cemento kitchen at various junctures throughout the day. It is interesting to see how much the colour appears to change.

The Ola 20 island features 90cm-wide drawers on either side. The cabinet section of the island is 330cm wide. Together with the overhanging table top, however, it has a total length of over five metres!

A Dark Ash table top was laid over the Snaidero Ola 20 kitchen island.

Exceptional features of this project:
Brand: Snaidero.
Model: Ola 20.
Colour: Grigio Cemento micalak.
Handles: No handles fitted.
Draining board: White gloss composite material.
Working height: Approx. 92cm above the finished floor.
Sink: Two white gloss composite sinks.
Hob: Neff T44T97N0 induction extra breed.
Hob 2: Neff N54K40N0 Teppan Yaki.
Hob 3: Neff N24K35N0NL gas hob with wok burner.
Oven: Fan oven
Extra oven: Combi oven with microwave.
Steam oven: High pressure steam oven DGD6605.
Fridge: Neff K5920D1 American fridge
Extra fridge: Neff K4336X8 built-in fridge.
Extra fridge 2: K33422i.
Extra freezer: F9252i-1.
Wine cooler: Liebherr WTES5872-20.
Dishwasher: Built-in dishwasher
Extractor hood: Ceiling-mounted extractor hood DA2900D stainless steel.
Coffee machine: Plumbed-in coffee machine.
Tap: 1 x stainless steel Fontana SOW0568151 + 1 x SOW0567951.
Waste bin: Two 19-litre waste bins.

The pictures below were taken before and during installation of the new kitchen:

Rendering of the new Snaidero Ola 20 kitchen in Grigio Cemento micaceous paint finish. When the kitchen was actually purchased, the new range of Miele appliances had yet to be introduced. The drawings therefore feature the previous range of Miele appliances.

We also visited the Snaidero factory together with the customer beforehand. Great! The customer took this photo (in Austria) on the way. Click here to view pictures of our visit to the Snaidero showroom in Italy, together with this customer.

The white composite work surfaces for this Ola 20 kitchen arrived, and were then lifted to the site by crane. The countertop for this island is very long, measuring 330x120cm!

The new kitchen’s straight, tall cabinets have already been assembled. You can see that the outer appliance cabinets have a recess to accommodate a fridge and freezer.

The tall cabinets are to be fitted with Miele appliances side by side (in panorama configuration).

We fitted the Grigio Cemento cabinets with handle strip in a contrasting Titanium colour.

An additional kitchen unit has been installed behind the island, to be used as a ‘dishwashing kitchen’ as it were. The regeneration box for the ceiling-mounted extractor hood is installed beneath the Miele dishwasher.

Given that the aperture for the hob is so large, the manufacturer left several strips of material in place for additional rigidity during transportation. Jan and Joop therefore had to remove the strips with a grinder, once the work surface was in place.

The work surface also features three openings for the recirculation of the ceiling-mounted extractor hood’s exhaust. The air extracted by the hood is therefore conveyed through a duct down to the regeneration box, which is situated beneath dishwasher. It filters the air, then conveys it under the floor to the island, then back to the hob. You therefore neither feel a ‘draught’ nor require any exterior outlet (which would have been very difficult to lay in these premises). A wooden ‘bar countertop’ will later be attached to the island’s work surface to cover these openings.

Handle strips have been fitted to the two outer tall cabinets only, as this lends a more pleasing appearance.

The handle on the high pressure steam oven’s lift door is fitted at the bottom, while the handles on the Miele oven and microwave/oven are at the top of the doors. There is still a chance that we may be able to get them aligned.

It is now the middle of the night, and Jan and Joop still have to drive back home to Zeeland.

However, things are really looking good in the new kitchen in Lichtenvoorde…

Now that the kitchen has been completed, Rudy visits the customer again for the official handover.

What a festive feeling to be able to cook in such a large kitchen!

Check out the video about Italian design kitchens below: