On the island of Texel we have delivered a Snaidero Skyline 2.0 kitchen.

This Italian designer kitchen is painted in high gloss lacquer (lime yellow). The built-in appliances are from the German brand Neff.

In addition to the Snaidero kitchen, we also delivered a Pininfarina bathroom. The assembly of both the kitchen and the bathroom was done by the brothers Jan and Joop.

This Skyline 2.0 kitchen is equipped with a stainless steel top.

As a back wall we opted for glass instead of stainless steel.

In the glass back wall a matted part and a transparent part has been made. The customer wants to be able to look in the room behind the kitchen.

The high cabinet is on wheels and is therefore movable. This allows you to come behind the kitchen.

Details of this project:
Brand: Snaidero.
Model: Skyline 2.0
Color: Giallo Lemone (lime yellow)
Handle: Skyline
Kitchen counter: Inox
Working height: 90 cm from the floor
Washbasin: Single stainless steel sink
Combi Steam oven: Neff B46C74N3 VarioSteam oven.
Cooker: Neff Flex induction cooker T54T55N2.
Fridge: Neff KI2223D30 with freezer compartment.
Extractor hood: Snaidero recirculation extractor.
Dish washer: Neff S58M53X2EU
Faucet: Neff SOW396100 Esterra 50 with pull-out hose.
Shower cabin: Pininfarina Prima white 160cm PF41PRO12S.
Washbasin: Pininfarina Prima white high gloss 120cm PF28MDD1D.
Mirror in the bathroom: Pininfarina Prima PF52SP110.
Sitting (bathroom): Pininfarina Prima PF9296.


Below you find photos that we made before and during the assembly:

The Snaidero Skyline kitchen is placed against a new wall. Under the awning comes a glass back wall.

Opposite the Snaidero Skyline kitchen is a wall unit to drink coffee.

The floor plan of the new Skyline kitchen in Texel.

In advance we visited the customer to measure everything. The kitchen must be located here soon. There will be a new wall so that the roof window is no longer visible. A glass part will be placed between the awning and the kitchen block so that the light can be transmitted.

After measuring in, I flew with the customer above his house.

The circled house is the house where the kitchen will soon be placed.

The Snaidero kitchen furniture and bathroom are delivered in Arnemuiden.

The kitchen will be transported to the customer in Texel with the bathroom.

Unfortunately the faucet was defect. We have brought a new faucet by plane.

The Snaidero Skyline kitchen is unpacked and assembled by Jan and Joop. The kitchen is placed against a sloping wall. It is going to be okay!

Above this Snaidero Skyline kitchen an awning comes in matt white.

This Snaidero Skyline kitchen is placed against a sloping wall.

LED lighting is installed under the kitchen block of this Snaidero Skyline kitchen.

The new Snaidero kitchen is almost finished!

Opposite the kitchen is another table where you can drink coffee.

The back of the kitchen is closed with glass. The kitchen is almost ready. Now only the back wall.

In addition to the Snaidero kitchen we have also been able to supply the bathroom to this customer. The bathroom is also mounted by Jan and Joop.

The Pininfarina bathroom furniture has a top from Corian. Above is a beautiful Pininfarina mirror.

Watch the video of the bathroom that this customer has bought from us. The video is in Dutch: