Snaidero kitchen in glossy white lacquer

The new S12 kitchen on display in our Snaidero showroom.

Brand: Snaidero.
Colour: Glossy lacquered white.
Worktops: Stainless steel combined with wood
Sink: Stainless steel V50 (welded in one piece with worktop).
Plinth: 10cm high in mirror.
Worktop height: 96cm.
Composition: Tall units with island.
Sizes tall units: 243,6×60 cm.
Sizes island: 244,1×120 cm.
Warranty: 10 years on Snaidero furniture.

Kitchen will be delivered with the following extra features:

Nice tap, cutlery tray in wood and integrated coffeemachine/dishwarmer.

Hob: Neff T66TS61N0 induction hob.
Hood: Integrated in the ceiling.
Oven: Neff B48FT68N0 FullSteam oven.
Dish washer: Neff fully integrated dishwasher with automatic opening.
Coffeemachine: Neff C17KS61N0 integrated coffeemachine.
Dishwarmer: Neff N17HH10N0 dishwarmer.
Tap: Neff Fontana 40.
Fridge: Neff K4400X7FF Fridge-/freezer.
Offer: € 17.850
Snaidero kitchen S12 in the Snaidero kitchen showroom
This kitchen is available in a variety of settings and colours. The kitchen can also be extended or adjusted with other integrated Neff appliances.